What is YugiohPrices.com?

YugiohPrices.com is a website dedicated to providing Yu-Gi-Oh players with:

What makes the prices and listings on YugiohPrices unique?

Quality. We here at YugiohPrices are dedicated to providing the highest quality price data and item listings possible. To that effect we have developed comprehensive data processing algorithms designed to filter out all but the highest quality results. This means that you won't have to wade through the garbage of grab bags, card lots, and so on, in order to find the best deals on the cards you're looking for!

How are the card prices calculated?

We calculate our card prices by checking multiple card sellers' websites, filtering out the crap, and consolidating the results into easy to understand information.

What card merchants are supported?

We check all of the following websites for card listings and prices. If you would like us to add another merchant to our price checker, feel free to contact us.

How often are card prices updated?

All card prices are updated every one to four hours.

Why do some eBay listings show a cheaper price than what the actual auction page has on it?

In order to provide the most accurate and realistic card prices possible, we modify the prices of eBay results that contain things like "3x", "x3", "3 copies of", etc. We divide the total listing price by the number of cards being sold, and use that as the price for the listing. We do this so that common and very cheap cards that aren't worth very much won't appear to have an inflated cost.

Is there an API I can use?

Yes there is!

Here's the documentation!

I have a suggestion!

We want to hear from you! We love feedback, and are always looking to improve. If you have a suggestion or question, please contact us.